1.  Why Organically Paleo?

     I just wanted to stress the fact that I buy organic as much as possible.  I think that there are too many pesticides and GMO's in our food.  Don't give me the nutritional research bs.  Why would anyone ever think a pesticide is okay?

2.  Why Paleo?

     Have you ever read Wheat Belly?  Enough said.  Honestly, after reading that book I was wondering if there was any merit to it.  But here's the thing, I do think there is too much of a push on grains.  I also believe in moderation for all things. However, I feel much better when I don't eat grain.  My blood sugar seems better, I don't have headaches as often, and I don't have the cravings that I seem to have when I eat bread.

3.  I thought when you ate paleo, you didn't eat dairy.  What gives?

     True, purist Paleo followers don't eat dairy.  But I don't see anything wrong with a little moderation.  Also, if I DO use dairy, it is grass fed in the case of milk, cream or butter.  If it is cheese, it is raw.  Other dairy items have some type of fermentation (i.e. Greek yogurt).  And let's face it, although I really do enjoy coconut oil and coconut butter, there are just some things that are better with real butter.  Period.  Again, moderation!  Also, any recipe you can generally substitute if you can't do dairy!

4.  I've seen a few things that aren't Paleo, like white potatoes.  Why?

I have a white potato about once a month.  They don't bother me.  Moderation is a good thing.  It is okay to have something that may not be Paleo approved, once in a while.  Even the Paleo purists have their dark chocolate.  (Which, even if it is 85% is still has sugar!)  I am not saying one way is better than the other.  You know how you feel after you eat.  Learn from that.  Take notes.  Is a potato once a month okay?  For me it is.  But don't judge unless you really are obeying the Paleo letter of the law.

5.  Aren't there enough Paleo websites out there?

     There are a lot of great Paleo websites, but I like to cook and come up with recipes.  And this is more for my kids blog books.  It is my way of leaving a little piece of me with them when they venture out on their own.  Plus, I want an unbiased, unsponsored website that is simple and doesn't have all of the extra advertisements on it.  I love cooking so I thought this was a good way to share. 

6.  A note about almond flour:  Although almond flour can be used interchangeably for most flour recipes, it does require a lower oven temperature because it cooks darker than traditional flour and you don't want to burn everything you cook.  I usually start my testing by lowering it 25 degrees.  All of my recipes, unless other wise noted, are tested using a stoneware pan.  Stoneware produces the best results for muffins and bread.  I also prefer it for bundt, cake, brownies, and pie.

7.  Ask me...I'll answer.

For the best answered "What is Paleo", go visit: http://robbwolf.com/what-is-the-paleo-diet/


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